Alignment Health welcomes you to the 4 Weeks To Wellness Online Support   Program.



Look, feel and FUNCTION at your best!

No gimmicks

No meal replacements

No fads

Just cutting edge, logical, authentic health education delivered by Dr Bryce Fleming and Alignment Staff via Facebook Live streaming.


Why 4 weeks?

People who engage in this information generally start to change their behaviours and habits towards wellness within 4 weeks!

Free for all Alignment Members. $9.95/Month General Public. 




How it works.

Each week Dr Bryce Fleming and the Alignment team will be streaming everything you need to know about health and fitness via our closed group Facebook site. View the topics live or at your own pleasure. You can even ask questions that will be answered LIVE during the broadcasts. IT'S LIKE HAVING A TEAM OF EXPERTS RIGHT IN YOUR LIVING ROOM!


What topics will be covered in the live streaming?


FUEL: Nutrition is paramount. No matter where you are starting from, you can take control of your nutrition and your health. This module will arm you with the understanding and the motivation to implement the best practices and the vital behaviours of the healthiest people in the world.  -No more crash diets!


MOVEMENT: A strong body is a healthy, happy body. Your movement habits have a powerful influence over your physical and mental health. Alignment Health experts will help you overcome obstacles and establish better movement and exercise habits. You will learn which exercises are best suited to you based on your genetics -Revolutionary!



CREATE YOUR MINDSET:  If you're constantly stressed out,  not sleeping enough, worried and living in fear your long-term health is compromised.  Bad habits start to form and your physical and mental health start to suffer. The Create your mindset education will help you take steps to define your roles and goals, mitigate stress effects and manage your limited resources: your time, energy and focus. -You are in control!



CONNECT IT ALL TOGETHER!:  What controls all the process, organs and healing capabilities in your body? -Your Nervous system! 'Connect' covers the missing linkin modern health care. You will learn how to ‘Connect’ your brain and body efficiently through a healthy, aligned, energetic nervous system. -Amp your power up!




No More Guess work

No More Expensive body scans

No more 'one size fits all' training programs

Just one test that will tell you what you need to do - for life!


DNA testing gives YOU your individualised health blueprint. You will know exactly what types of diet you will be best suited to, what type of exercise you should do, how much rest you need between workouts, what vitamins and minerals you will benefit from, even how much  gluten, caffeine and sugar you can handle!



Launching mid 2017! To stay up to date, download this 4 weeks guide.