MyDNA Testing


One simple cheek swap that will determine your correct diet, how you should exercise, how you can avoid fatigue, weight gain and disease.

Find Out Which Diet Will Actually Work!

No More Guess Work!

One Test That Will Give You Your Blueprint To Optimal Health And Fitness!

14 Genes tested relating to Weight Loss, Fat Storage, Triglycerides, Cholesterol, Omega 3 to Omega 6 profiles, Muscle Strength, Injury Prevention, Endurance, Flexibility and Recovery!

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Online Food & Fitness Coaching For MyDNA

Have your very own Alignment Food and Fitness coach help you achevie the results you want based on your gene testing! 


"Knowing is not enough... We Must Do" - Bruce Lee



1. Do your Genetic Testing with your MyDNA testing kit.

2. You and your coach receive your Individualised program based on your genetic profiling

3. You start your 4 Week Intensive Online Personal Training and Food Coaching course consisting of weekly coaching calls, downloadable software monitored by your coach, recipies, workouts, social groups and more!

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