Have you ever noticed how our current healthcare system is far more concerned with treating illness instead of what people need to be healthy? Does it frustrate you that it operates from a reactive place that looks at symptoms rather than focusing what is at the root of the issue? Given the way our health system and the majority of practitioners provide care, you would be forgiven for thinking that symptoms are the initial sign of illness. However, symptoms are the FINAL stage of cell dysfunction – and just because you don’t have any doesn’t mean you are healthy.

Dr Bryce Fleming (Chiropractor) knows this reactive form of care all too well – at 14 he was prescribed anabolic steroids after losing a vast amount of weight on a low fat diet that almost cost him his health. Instead, he decided he would say no to the steroids and do his ow research. So, fast forward 20 transformative years that include a Masters in Chiropractic, many professional speaking gigs, a fitness coach qualification, and a book launch, plus the newly opened Alignment Chiropractic and Health. Alignment is a forward-thinking studio that is committed to providing the community with optimal and sustainable health so that everyone can live their best lives possible.

It’s through corrective spinal mis-alignment adjustments that Dr Fleming is able to put his dreams into motion. You see, optimal nerve conduction throughout the body is a result of chiropractic care. When your spine is aligned, you ignite your ‘Inner Strength’, and your chances of being victorious even when faced with some of the toughest health challenges vastly increases. If you have optimal nerve conduction, you are able to be more resilient and continue to develop. This is why the refined art of chiropractic is chosen by millions of people around the world as a healthcare practice to better their, and their families, lives.


We uncover the cause of your health concerns by using evidence based testing and NASA designed nerve conduction technology.


Together we settle on a results focused manageable plan and commence your care.


We provide you with all the necessary understanding to kindle your inner strength, and live a life with optimal nerve conduction. 


We make available lifestyle support through further products and services to optimise you and your family’s life.