Don’t make your healthcare plan harder than it has to be…

People have been living and surviving for thousands of years prior to the vast amounts of complex medications and procedures that make up the modern healthcare system we have today. Ironically, today’s system almost solely focuses on symptoms and illness. With so much information out there, and so many different opinions from a plethora of medical practitioners, Dr Bryce Fleming isn’t surprised that people are baffled when he tells them that achieving and maintaining optimal health is actually a lot easier than we think.

Growing up, Dr Fleming was one of the only “fat kids” at his school. He was lethargic and constantly unwell. At 14 he took matters into his own hands and did the “right” thing: he went on a low-fat diet and exercised frequently. He lost the weight, but ended up feeling more unwell than he did when he was overweight. It was when he was diagnosed with hormonal problems and prescribed anabolic steroids at the age of 14 that alarm bells went off in his head and he decided there HAS to be another way. What he discovered over the past 20 transformative years is that symptoms are the FINAL stage of cell dysfunction, not the first. Yes, they may at times be a tell-tale sign that you are unwell, but just because you don’t have any it doesn’t mean you have a clean-bill of health.

Dr Fleming’s dream is to have all members of the community achieve their ideal level of health and wellness, and for it to become the norm. It is through opening Alignment Chiropractic and Health – the trendiest studio this side of the Bridge – that he is able to turn his vision into reality. It is through the ancient practice of chiropractic care that Dr Fleming is able to empower people. When your spine is aligned, power flows through your body as it is able to experience optimal nerve conduction. Corrective adjustments ignite “inner strength”, and can enable your body to become more energised, adaptable, and able to face even the hardest health challenges. Join the millions of people around the world that utilise chiropractic care to live their best lives and achieve sustainable and optimal health with ease - together, we can align your vision for your health and turn it into your reality!


We decide the foundation of your health concerns by means of evidence based testing and NASA designed nerve transmission technology.


Together we agree on a results-motivated adaptable plan and begin your care.


We provide you with everything required to ignite your inner strength and live a life with optimal nerve conduction. 


We provide lifestyle support through other services and products designed to optimise the lives of you and your family.