Are you ok with feeling sick and tired? or is it time for a change?

Dr Bryce Fleming (Chiropractor) knows what it’s like to exist in sickness, with minimal energy and a poor immune system. After spending the majority of his childhood and adolescence being overweight, he went on a low-fat diet and consequently lost his health along with the weight. Being diagnosed with hormone conditions and prescribed anabolic steroids to relieve symptoms is what caused him to undertake his own transformative journey to sustainable and optimal health WITHOUT taking the medication.

We have all heard the stories about people that get a clean bill of health but then die within a week later. That’s because no sign of symptoms does NOT provide us with the whole picture. Symptoms are the concluding phases of cell dysfunction, not the first. The idea that symptoms tell you there is something wrong does not mean that you revert to health when they disappear. Yes, symptoms at times allow us to gauge how sick we are. However, the lack of them can never tell us how healthy we are.

It is through the centuries-practiced art of chiropractic methods that Dr Fleming is able to right the cause of his client’s issues and enable them to move towards their ideal health and live the best lives. A body that is robust and flexible is one that is likely to have optimal nerve functionality, allowing it to experience vitality and be able to defeat the toughest health ordeals. Chiropractic care is used by millions of people in the global community to achieve and maintain ideal health in a manner that is sustainable.


We determine the origin of your health concerns by means of evidence based testing and NASA designed nerve transmission technology.


Together we agree on a results-motivated manageable plan and begin your care.


We provide you with all the understanding required to ignite your inner strength and live a life with optimal nerve conduction. 


We provide lifestyle support through more products and services to optimise the lives of you and your family.