Remember when you were younger, fitter and went out clubbing and parting till the wee hours of the morning?

Good chance you were busting out your best dance moves to some beats by BEN MORRIS or BRYCE FLEMING

Late nights, alcohol, takeaway food... Yep, just like you the dj / clubbing lifestyle took its tool on the boys too. Their health health declined, moods suffered and energy levels plummeted.

Then, by chance, both of them went on a health kick at same time and discovered the key to easily sustaining those changes WITHOUT the use of toxic chemicals or supplements. Ben started his personal training and nutritional coaching career. Bryce graduated university and became a chiropractor and just like Voltron, they joined forces to form Alignment Health in Milsons Point.

In the space of just 1 year they now have 12 staff that are committed to healing you look feel and function awesome again!

People say it's revolutionary


This is how it works...


We start by checking the health and position of each bone of your spine, your nervous system and your overall body function.

We then take your posture images and refer for x-rays if further investigations are needed. A thorough work-up is completed and a report generated to determine if you are a candidate for the Chiropractic Spinal Alignment process. 


This is normally valued at $240




By testing your current body composition and analysing your food diary, our head personal trainer Ben Morris designs an individualised program that you can implement immediately.  This program will give you the correct fats, proteins, carbohydrates and micronutrients ratios you need to reach your goals. 

This is normally valued at $199

You can choose from either a

5 class yoga pass   or   5 x Outdoor group fitness training sessions    or    One 45 Minute  massage


All this would normally be over $600 worth of value! 

Kick start your health today!

This won't last forever (because we only turn one - once!)