Head Yoga Teacher


Malcum lives and breathes yoga, and luckily for Alignment Members, is our head Yoga teacher. 

His journey started from the age of 8 mimicking his sister as she was doing her morning practice. Fast-forward 20 years and we see Malcum achieving more in the journey of Yoga then most could imagine, opening his own school called AnjanYoga in Pune, India, in 2006. A beautiful open space that has attracted practitioners from over the world and was occasionally visited by peacocks, monkeys and snakes.

Malcum now brings his authentic style of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga to Alignment. He is a wise coach and mentor to all the teachers and students. 

"The Yoga journey is not long, it simply never ends. A journey so beautiful, it needs to be walked through slowly, not run past. Life can be your best teacher, if you are willing to learn from it." - Malcum Marolia