Health Hacks Episode 3. Penny Peterson - The Salt Spot



Is Salt Therapy the solution you  have been looking for???

Penny Peterson from the Salt Spot in Neutral Bay is passionate about helping people overcome health challenges through natural measures. 


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Hello! Welcome back! Episode 3 of Health Hacks. I’m your host Dr. Bryce Fleming and I have a very special guest with me today - Penny Patterson Olage, I’ll introduce Penny in a second but before I do, I’d just like to let you know that the alignment Chiropractic Health Hacks studio is up and running. We are taking bookings, you can go to if you’d like to make a booking.


M: Penny! Hi! Welcome!

F:  Hi! Thank you!

M: Now this is your first podcast you’re telling me.

F: It is, yes.

M: And you seem a little nervous.

F: I am.

M: But don’t be, it’s all going to be fine.

F: Thank you.

M: So Penny, you are the owner operator entrepreneur business extraordinaire person of the Salt Spot in Neutral Bay. Before we talk about your business and how beneficial the Salt Spot is, I just wanna learn a little bit more about you. So how did you come about to do what you do?

F: To Salt therapy?

M: Yeah.

F: I actually went in to experience Salt therapy myself. It was quite a few years ago, I was very a new one in Australia then, I actually haven’t been in Australia for about  7 or 8 years and I had a cold at the time, my head was you know, was the headache, you know all the cold symptoms. I just felt pretty awful and so I saw it on TV and I thought I’ll go give it a go. So I did and  when I came out my headache was gone, I can breathe, I felt a lot clearer. The following day, exactly what the lady told me would happen the salt helps expel the mucus and congestion out of me and I was like “Wow that was really cool”, and it was just then that like, I didn’t have a cold. So just spared that the whole crisis of a cold and I was like “Wow that was really cool” and I’ve always been into natural therapies and things like that, and I was like that’s just really interesting and then I just started doing some research on it and then I came about my corporate world so to speak, my job contract was finishing I thought oh I really wanna do something different, so I just thought, why not do Salt therapy?

M: Cool. So its..

F: Really different.

M: Almost like you have this moment of epiphany where your course or your path destination just took a different track.

F: Absolutely! Totally. Different track. I love it. And just the people I’ve met through it. So when I was really one of this instance is when I’m training, I’m, one of the key things that came about for me is I met a man with Emphysema who literally could not get out of his bed to the bathroom with ease at all, and there’s nothing sort of left with to do, he’s just been having Salt therapy and I was speaking to him and he was just like, it’s just it doesn’t cure his Emphysema but what he can do is he can get up, and he can walk around, and he can go and have, you know, time with the family and things like that. So it just improved his quality of life. And that I think was the key factor for me, like a little bit of that moment. If I can change somebody’s life, or not me personally but if I can help to change somebody’s life and just give them that quality of life of breathing, like you know, we breathe all the time, we never really think about, you know how we’re breathing or how well we’re breathing, or how well we can breathe until we can’t breathe. So that was, it just changed everything for me. And I just went, if I can help one person then my work is done. But I helped so many people on that so that it would be more beautiful.

M: Yeah. Well that’s fantastic. So you mentioned that it’s only you relatively knew here in Australia, Why do you think that is?

F: I don’t really have the answer for that. It’s actually a therapy that’s been around for millions of years. Where they use to actually go down into the Salt caves and a lot of therapy does come from Eastern Europe and not being to the Russian set of area where a lot of the Salt caves assets are in Romania, Poland, the Ukraine and actually all of that certain area. Really big through Europe, really popular, very you know, it’s like everybody’s “Aw yeah the Salt caves” kind of thing, or the Salt therapy. What they are into now is attending a lot the caves where they sublime the salt into the actual wellness centers, into certain things like that which is really lovely.

M: So that would be a really be kinda cool view yeah.

F: Yeah.
M: Yeah, I’m loving that. So, do you think, you know, if you go back and think about our DNA, you know, say evolutionary type of standpoint of you know kinda hanging out in caves, on top of that issue, do you think somehow we’re kind of hardwired to kind of resonate with that, you know being that kind of environment, where it is just pure salts, you do?

F: Yeah, I kinda do. Not necessary, maybe for solo not for salt, but I think a lot of these traditional ancient therapies that have been used previously, instead of just coming back around, just generally in the, you know, I guess it is seen as an alternative health but I think it’s such a natural thing for our bodies to go like “Okay we’re coming later.” it just feels good. You know I couldn’t talk about Salt therapy and then obviously my personal experience with natural health stuff but you know people come in and they just like ah it feels good. And it’s calm, it’s relaxing and obviously it’s helping you know, helping you into different ways. You know and everybody is different, so it helps everybody in a different way. But yeah, I think it is just that essence of it feels right for you, and I think intuitively we all sort of have a bit of sense of like you know what that just feels right for me and I think no matter what you’re doing, that’s the best thing.

M: I think, I think we’re all kind of experienced that when uh maybe we walked indoors for a while and then you go outside, you get a bit of a sunshine in your face, you’re like “This just feels right.” You know.

F: Absolutely. Like a walk in the park. Or to the beach.

M: Yeah, like a walk in the park. Yeah. And look, I think, I think you know, on a, on a real genetic level, you know there’s these codes that we have of inside us that are literally experiences that we’ve had from our ancestors ancestors, you know. So, some along the line those those things that are innately good for us, we, we can get that feeling, all that “Ah yes this is the right thing to do”.

F: Ah yes absolutely.

M: So that’s really interesting to me. I love the fact that you’re bringing that kind of back, and, we also talked about the kind of alternative therapies and healing. I’m a firm believer of you know, if you just give the body the right stuff, you know, whether that be the right nutrition, the right type of movement, positive thinking, and the right type of environment, make sure that the brain and nervous system is running properly to integrate and allow the body to heal. Then you can overcome even the biggest of challenges.

F: I agree. I totally agree.

M: You know? And I think what you’re saying you’re allowing an environment that helps people to facilitate that.

F: Absolutely.

M: Is that fair to say?

F: Yeah, absolutely.

M: Yeah cool, alright, awesome. So tell me a little bit about, how it actually works. Like what, what would I do. If I’ve never been into a Salt room before, go through the process.

F: Okay. So when you first come in, I actually speak with you, get to you feeling a bit of a question a bit. I just wanna know why you come in and reason you come in for. And that can be a, it can be a breathing issue or a skin issue or just for a general health and what pain. I’ll explain to you what Salt therapy is and what that is. And then I’ll take you into the room and sit down. We’ll sit in the room, I’ll go through a little bit more, just so it’s a little bit more to choose so that it kinda makes sense, so to give you an essence on that, all the walls, the whole room is made of salt, so all the salt blocks come from the salt caves in the Ukraine.

M: Cool.

F: So, which is really cool.

M: Can you lick it? (laughs)

F: Well I’ll prefer you not to. (laughs) But you can, you can actually like, people lick their finger and it is salt. (laughs) Trust me it’s salt. But yeah, sitting still in the room all the salt come, is around you, there’s salt on the floor and then there’s a machine that comes on and that’s grinding up salt and blowing it to the room and that’s grinding out to really microscopic particles that’s like a powder or a dust, that when we inhale that salt some natural antihistamine, anti-infflammatory, antibacteria, antifungal, but essentially what it’s doing is as you relax and in the sort of room it’s deeply relaxing you know, really relaxes as your body, so a lot of people meditate, or read, or fall asleep. A lot of people fall asleep. We need that time out, we rarely give ourselves that time out.

M: Yeah. Agree.

F: So it’s just letting your body to, allowing your body to heal whatever it needs to do. But essentially when you’re inhaling the salt, it’s just gonna help open up your airways so that you can breathe a lot easier break up any mucus and congestion, things like that. So.

M: Do you find when people come in, they’re like come in off the street, they’re probably, you know quite, quite flustered, quite stressed. You’ve got bills to pay, you got kids to pick up from school, you’ve got all that stuff happening right? And you’ll probably notice, you know, shallow breathing, fast.

F: Absolutely.

M: Yeah. And I noticed that too when people come in into see me as a Chiropractor, you know I see this, this, stress that is built up in people. After the session, what do you notice?

F: (chuckles) They are a lot more relaxed. And people kept “Ahh”. The best I can describe it is taking a big sigh, and they come out and go “Ahh”, I can breathe again. And I know that sounds like a reflective breathing but it’s more than that. It’s that whole, release in your body. It’s like your whole body’s breathing.

M: Yep.

F: Does that makes sense? So the tightness can go to the chest, the shallowness, the anxiety, the stress, just of everyday life. And it’s just like “Ahh. I gave myself that time out”.

M: Yeah, I’m gonna go a bit nerdy on it here and stop bringing some Neurology but when, when you’re in this constant fight or flight, this stress response, and this this occurs from pretty much anytime we do something that’s different than our body requires on a genetic level. So, being around flashing lights, all night, all day, infront of the computer that’s a stressful situation for your body.

F: That’s something there.

M: Again having emotional stresses, bills to pay, people that bug you. Whatever that might be breathing in toxic fumes. This seems all stresses and they they accumulate a, I suppose, a response in your body that that triggers this fight or flight, you know, this oh my God there’s a tiger behind me type of situation, and when that happens you, you, you want your heart rate to go fast, you want your breathing to increase, you want all of this stuff to happen to allow you to allow you to survive and get away from the tiger. But unfortunately what we are saying you know we see this in people all the time.

F: Yes. Exactly.

M: And then when you start to take of these long control deep breaths, what you’re doing is you’re, you’re actually stimulating or firing a part of the nervous system called Parasynthetic Nervous System which is where your body actually goes into calmness and relaxation, and you actually start healing and repairing. Rather than trying to break down tissue and survive. So that in itself is an amazing thing that that you can offer to to people. Allowing to switch that running away from the tiger to I’m gonna repair and you’re gonna relax and regenerate your body.

F: Yeah. Absolutely. I think that’s the thing I’ve found over these working, obviously having a business and a lot of people coming through. Initially obviously I was doing it for breathing concerns and skin concerns but beyond that, like that’s the thing that you you can’t plan for is like actually what people are gonna get from it and that is exactly what you said, that the day stress, the relaxation, and just that time out for people to not be that sort of you know, fight life, and just to relax, that has probably be the biggest thing that I did never expect to come from it. Yeah.

M: And that’s wherein these quote unquote “miracles” happen isn’t.

F: Actually..

M: You get five people that will come in, and this is the same for me, like I have five people with five different symptoms right? And if I look after someone’s spine, you know and adjust them and makes sure the brands of the neuroses, they might get five totally different responses out of that, you know? And the same with you, you might have these people with different symptoms, but they might get totally different outcomes, even though they are getting the same thing cause that’s where their bodies are at of point at that time.

F: Yeah definitely. And that’s the case where your body is at that point in time, so you know, whatever you need in the moment is what you’re going to receive. And that’s why I just sort of allow people. I, I actually give people permission to say it’s okay to fall asleep. It’s three o’clock in the morning, I’m not gonna fall asleep. But that’s your body doing what it needs, if that’s what you need, that’s what you need. And it doesn’t really matter, whatever happens, and with you it’s perfect.

M: Yeah, love it. So, if people wanna find out more about you and where you are, and the place, can you tell us how to do that? What would I do?

F: Yeah absolutely. So I have a website it’s

M: Yep.

F: There’s loads of information on there, there’s specific information about different breathing issues or skin concerns and also exactly a bit about the history of Salt therapy and how it works. I’m located in Neutral Bay in Military Road, just right near the post office in the middle of Neutral Bay. My number is double nine five three triple one zero so you can always give me a call and ask me any questions if you got any, if you wanna know a bit more information or how it works, will work for you and if you have the chance to have any questions, put your mind to rest and I’m around on Facebook as well. At

M: The Saltspot Dot? Ah.

F: Just the saltspot on Facebook. Yeah, sorry.


M: Very good. Well Penny, thank you so much for coming in today. And yeah, I really like talking to you today about that, and I think, later on another track I’ll get you back on, we’ll talk a bit more some, some people. We won’t use names.

F: No.

M: But say, some scenarios of people that you’ve been through what you’ve seen after Salt therapy.

F: Yeah. Would love to.

M: Yeah. Fantastic. Awesome. Well this has been another episode of Health Hacks I’m your host Dr. Bryce Fleming.I look forward to seeing you next week! Bye!