Concerned about that hump?

We are too...


We understand that overtime life can push you down...

The repetitious, stressful jobs over the years, the late nights reading or watching television all slowly chipping away at the health of your spine.

Long term spinal stress can lead to forward (or bad) posture. This forward posture can contribute to many common health challenges:

  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Muscle weakness 
  • Feelings of depression
  • Breathing problems + MORE!


What you might not know is that forward posture may actually be draining your energy and contributing  to thoughts and feelings of unhappiness.


A team of researchers from San Francisco State University found that “poor posture is a significant contributor to decreased energy levels and depression and is also known to result in frequent headaches, neck and shoulder pains.”(2)

"Emotions and thoughts affect our posture and energy levels; conversely, posture and energy affect our emotions and thoughts,"  

-Dr Erik Peper, Professor of Psychology at San Francisco State University.



At Alignment Chiropractic + Health we focus on restoring spinal health and function.

Our Spinal Alignment Program is specifically tailored to meet your needs.


Step 1.  Analysis.

We use state of the art Posture Screen Mobile technology.

We use state of the art Posture Screen Mobile technology.

By using state of the art posture testing technology, muscle testing, radiography if necessary and specific functional analysis we can accurately measure your spinal position and formulate a program based on your results.


Step 2. Spinal Correction

Once we review your case and if you are a candidate for the Spinal Alignment Program we will start the process by gently restoring the movement and function in the areas of your spine that are indicated.


Step 3. Spinal Strengthening


Once your spinal alignment and function is restored to the best of it's ability  we will show you simple, easy to follow exercises that only take 3 minutes a day that help to retrain and sustain your new spinal position.


Start looking, feeling and performing like you used to!

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